How To Support A Sick Work Colleague

Thank you to The Carousel for publishing this article. It is extremely common not to know what to do for a sick colleague and even easier to get it wrong. Read through the article and find out how you can support your work colleagues.

  • Alexandra Stewart

Nutritional wellbeing during cancer treatment


Watch Channel 9's Today Extra Interview with Kee-moh Snacks founder, Alyx Stewart, talk about how you can eat well during your cancer treatment. I discuss my own Cancer and Chemotherapy (Chemo) experiences with Sonia Kruger and David Campbell. I experienced this first hand when I had Chemotherapy treatment.

  • Alexandra Stewart

Overnight Oats - clean and wholesome









Ever wondered what goes into our Overnight Oats? Not very much actually.

In fact, only five ingredients! Organic rolled oats, organic black chia seeds, organic goji berries or dried blueberries (depending on which you choose), diced dried apple and vanilla bean powder. That's it.

That's clean and wholesome!

  • Alexandra Stewart