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Giving you back your enjoyment of food.

It’s a well-known fact that cancer treatments cause numerous side-effects including loss of appetite, nausea and weight loss. One side effect that’s not often considered is the impact the side-effects from the drugs have on the nutritional well-being of the patient. 

Treatment-related side-effects are an open invitation for malnutrition to take hold as many cancer patients find eating extremely difficult.

The results are weight loss, severe lack of energy, muscle wastage, and malnutrition. Alexandra Stewart, founder of Kee-moh Snacks and a breast cancer survivor got down to 45kg during her chemotherapy treatment.

“What many people don’t realise is that chemotherapy alters people’s taste buds and alters patient’s appetite. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can make it difficult to swallow, brings on nausea, constipation, mouth ulcers to name only a few. The side effects in relation to food and one’s enjoyment of it can be devastating.” 

Alexandra set about creating specifically designed food products to help cancer patients maintain their nutritional well-being when they are experiencing cancer treatment side-effects.