About us


Back in 2005, Alexandra Stewart, Alyx to her friends was preparing for her wedding day. Little did she know just weeks prior, she would be diagnosed with breast cancer. The side-effects from chemotherapy made her extremely unwell. Unable to eat because of nausea, mouth sores and pain on chewing, she quickly shed over 10kg.
Alyx and her husband muddled through not knowing what do and stuck with the handful of things she could eat. In all, not a healthy or balanced diet but it was something.
Some years after completing treatment, Alyx could see others suffering just as she did, desperate for information about how to eat when side-effects are limiting their food intake. She knew she could do something to help and from this place of knowing, Kee-moh Snacks was born.

Kee-moh Snacks has now grown to become Centre For Cancer Nutrition.