Eggs - Good To Know Facts

icon image Raw & Undercooked Eggs

May contain Salmonella bacteria. People with lowered immunity due to cancer treatment may be at higher risk. Raw eggs are often an ingredient in uncooked desserts such as mousses, Hollandaise sauce, aioli, fresh mayonnaise, raw egg drinks, cake and biscuit batter.

icon image Eggs Are Safe To Eat

Eggs are safe to eat if they are handled and cooked properly. Store correctly at the right temperature. Use-by dates should be adhered to. Use a clean spoon if a piece of egg shell falls into the mixture - never the remaining shell.

icon image Wash As You Go

Always clean any surface or utensil that has come into contact with raw egg before using it again. And wash your hands after handling eggs to prevent cross-contamination.

Download the fact sheet below :)

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